Our advantages
HD smooth audio and video
Intelligent video meetings, 1080-2K, 4K HD video images for lip sync
Flexible integrated method
Support third-party seamless integration of video systems to incorporate video meetings into their own enterprise
Safety guarantee
The use of encryption technology meetings and participants were encrypted authentication to protect the meeting content security
Multi-terminal simultaneous participation
Web, PC, and mobile can access meetings, flexibly conduct meetings, and attend meetings at any time in the airport or at home.
Rich meeting mode for multiple application scenarios
Free discussion mode
Participants can speak freely discuss and video chat. Click to share high-definition screen, easy to use, supports ten thousand participants at the same time online communication.
Application scenario
Corporate meetings, remote communication, etc.
Intercom mode
Real-time intercom, like talking on the phone. The user can press the microphone button and talk each other in real time, you can also chat typing, speaking at the site can be video back to the command center.
Application scenario
Firefighting, Security check, etc.
Webcast mode
Moderator unified control and management of all the video screen in the form of broadcast, and quickly selects the video screen to save communication costs.
Application scenario
Online classes, concerts, etc.
EHS field work
Managers can be performed by audio and video on-site supervision and management and workers, AI intelligent recognition of security measures is qualified, independent of each other between field workers, to achieve safe construction site.
Application scenario
Safety monitoring, remote monitoring management, etc.
Video meeting
Enjoy a quality meeting experience
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Rich meeting support
One-click quick start of meeting, multiple ways / terminals to join the meeting
Support webpage, H5, APP, client, video terminal
Support for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS four major operating system
Innovative video communication services
1080K Ultra HD audio and video /
10000+ people high concurrency / full platform operation / powerful conference management function
Video meeting
Online meetings, training and technical support
Full-featured and easy to use
Meeting Room Equipment
Enjoy simple setup and perfect meeting experience
New generation intercom system
First-class AI meeting function
Face recognition / Intelligent translation / Recognition shorthand /
Subtitle display / whiteboard annotation / data sharing
Rich video collaboration functions
HD video
High-definition video and clear audio enable face-to-face business collaboration
File and screen sharing
Instant screen and file sharing enables the entire team to effectively coordinate each project
Video webinar
Free Demo / slide / whiteboard / audio and video, up to 10,000 participants
Interactive whiteboard
Smooth whiteboard allows visualization of ideas and brainstorming, thus speeding up the decision-making speed
EHS field work
Meeting upgraded to smart war room
One-click access to the site of construction, operation, production, inspection and maintenance, quickly form an operational command platform through the capabilities of AI intelligent audit, intelligent monitoring, intelligent early warning, data analysis and real-time feedback
Video dialogue, image AI review, intelligent early warning, and evidence collection for violations
Construction site management / two-way audio and video /
Voice recognition / Intelligent screenshot / Intelligent warning / Voice broadcast